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Archdiocesan Grade Level Standards

Above you will find links to the grade level standards for Kindergarten through grade 8 in reading, math, and Religion. Teachers will be working to ensure that all students master these standards this year. They will communicate to you which standard(s) are being addressed, so that you are aware and can help your student at home. Priority standards will be assessed and learning progress monitored via proficiency scales. Teachers will be working with students so that they can keep track of their own progress as well as communicate that progress with parents. 


Eventually we will have these standards posted on our school website along with some resources in which to help students at home. 


Students should continue to work on iReady instructional lessons which should help fill gaps in learning in reading and math. Teachers use the data from the lessons and diagnostic tests to plan their instruction as well as to help individuals or small groups of students. 


Here is the slideshow I shared during our meeting:

Priority Standards and Proficiency Scales.pdf


More information about priority standards and proficiency scales as well as resources for you will be forthcoming! Stay tuned!

Charlotte Kelly


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