APRIL 19, 2020

It’s hard to believe that we only have a few weeks left of this school year! We are feeling a great sense of accomplishment in not only getting through this year, but thriving! We have seen great leaps in our diagnostic scores in reading and math and have worked especially hard in building relationships with our students and among our staff.

SUPER exciting news! NO TUITION INCREASE for the 2021-2022 school year! We are able to hold our costs steady even through this trying time by the diligence of our staff. We are thankful to our families who continue to pay tuition regularly though we know some families have had tough financial times. We are accepting registrations now for next school year and have limited spaces available in most grades. Perhaps you know of a fabulous family who would be a great fit here!

Upcoming events!

Summer school! We are offering fun, theme-based summer school for our current students to keep our momentum going. Families have the opportunity to sign up before May 14 using the link sent out recently. We look forward to welcoming some of our remote students back to the building for learning fun!

DePaul Partnership! We are continuing our staff partnership with DePaul University with teachers learning about project based learning, Genius Hour, and STREAM! In an effort to individualize instruction as well as give students voice in their own learning, we will pursue ways to implement these fantastic opportunities for our students.

School year 2021-2022! Planning is underway for next school year, and we cannot wait! Our work on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) will continue as well as individualized instruction with our iReady learning platform. We have seen amazing growth this year in both areas and look forward to continued results going forward. We will also continue our Catholic Identity microcredential for students based on justice. Ms. O’Donnell has laid a good foundation, and so we will move onward to earn the electronic badge from the Archdiocese.

House system! Next year IJP School will implement a house system (think Harry Potter)! As a way to encourage close bonds among staff and students of different ages, students will be placed into a specific house where they will share common goals and build leadership and cooperation skills. Students will have yet another place where they feel welcomed and valued as they build self esteem and self identity, as well as a sense of belonging and pride. House interactions will include academic, artistic, and service endeavors in a healthy, competitive environment where they will learn the importance of failure as well as receive encouragement to be their best selves. We are excited to bring this program to IJP and cannot wait to see how it evolves and develops over time.

You are invited to contact Diane Klupchak in our school office to get more information about our incredible IJP School and our programs. You can also visit our website, www.ijpschool.org, for more information.

Keeping you all in our prayers,

Charlotte Kelly

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Hello IJP Parent!

PTO is excited to announce that Market Day is back! Everything is done online, and orders are delivered straight to your address, no picking up anywhere else! Best of all, IJP PTO will earn up to 10% of sales!

To register for a Market Day account, you simply click on this link…

https://www.marketdaylocal.com/account/register and select Illinois for the state.

It will then ask if you want to select an organization, and you can simply type in INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE PTO – FLOSSMOOR – IL and select it when it appears. Continue with setting up your account and you are all set-up to help the PTO!

There are monthly specials with some great deals! My favorite for this month is the appetizers – buy 3 appetizers (Buffalo wings, Chicken sticks, or Popcorn Chicken) and get a free Mozzarella Stick! Great for game day in our household!!

Support our school with our Market Day Fundraiser – PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE – 10% of all orders go back to our PTO! If IJP PTO has 25 orders this month, we can earn an extra $100. Thank you to everyone who registered for an account. In just two weeks, we have already raised $43. Be sure to check out the two great promotions for February!
If you have any questions about the registration or how to select IJP PTO, please feel free to contact Tammy McMahon at tammymcmahon07@gmail.com or 219-718-4577.