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October 23, 2020

Good afternoon IJP Family,

I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe!  I’m so happy and proud that we have been able to keep our students and staff healthy and learning in school.  I am also proud that our students who are working remotely have gotten into a rhythm.  Thank you to our teachers and parents for their great efforts to help this happen!  The trimester ends Friday, November 6, so be sure to check PowerSchool and touch base with teachers if you need to.  


Thanks to our Advisory Board who delivered a bag of treats to each staff member today!  They are greatly appreciated!

We sent a $525 donation to the Homewood Cancer Support Center that was raised during our PJ Day last week.  Thanks to all who participated and to our Eighth Grade Leadership Team for their implementation of their first service project!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the PTO Little Caesar’s Pizza fundraiser or made donations towards the air purifiers.  We were able to order 8 of them!  So, with those 8 and others that were previously donated, we have at least one purifier in every room.  I am working on using CARES Act Federal Funding to buy the additional ones we need so there are 2 in each room (3 for the library).  We will need 12 more to complete our arsenal.   

Thanks to all who participated in our Walkathon!  Students raised $4384!  We will be using funds to help us update our technology.  Pie throwing was hilarious and fun!  Who knows what might be in store next?  Speaking of technology…get this:

A GREAT BIG thank you goes out to all of our generous supporters who have unbelievably donated thousands of dollars this week to help us purchase Promethean boards for our classrooms. This past weekend we included a plea for donations in our church bulletin (the Campanile) to assist us in purchasing these proboards for our junior high classrooms.  Because of our cohort model, teachers are moving classroom to classroom on carts while the students stay in the classrooms.  The biggest issue with that is the different types of technology in each of those rooms.  It takes many minutes of instructional time for the teachers to hook up to devices so both the in person and remote students can access the instruction.  The proboards will make things much easier for all, not to mention they are interactive so teachers can plan even more interesting, engaging lessons.  Parishioners, school families, alumni, and even our FOURTH GRADE GIRL SCOUTS ($1200) have donated big and small amounts of money to support our efforts!  So, remarkably, we have been able to order 6 boards which should arrive within a week or so and are on our way to purchasing a few more.  We are hoping to get 10 in total to support the learning of our students.  Our extended IJP Families’ generosity has blown us away, tears have been shed!  

By the way, if you are handy at installing such items (like putting a heavy TV on a wall) and wouldn’t mind donating your time and efforts, please contact me so we can make some arrangements! 

Cold/Inclement Weather Guidance

If the temperature, according to WeatherBug, feels like below 25 degrees or if it is precipitating, we will move our arrival indoors.  All students may enter the building starting at 7:45.  Students who arrive earlier must report to the cafeteria for extended day.  Ms. Candy will do the MATH check upon the students’ arrival.

At 7:45 all extended day students will report to their homerooms.  Other students, as they arrive, will enter, be checked using our MATH protocol, and report to their homerooms where teachers will be waiting to greet them.  Students must be more than six feet from anyone not in their cohort. 

4th, 5th and 8th graders- enter Cafeteria doors.

6th and 7th graders- enter door J as usual.

K-3rd graders- enter door I. 

Preschool- enter as usual.

Cool fact: a WeatherBug station is on top of our building!

Second Trimester

Thank you for responding to the second trimester commitment form.  As of today, starting November 9 we will have 132 students in our building learning and 68 students learning at home.  All in person learners’ families must have returned the Agreement to 

Adhere to COVID Protocols and Acknowledgment of Parental Responsibilities (https://www.ijpschool.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/IJP_Covid_Assumption_of_Risk_and_Waiver-SIGN2.pdf) as well as have all immunizations and required doctors’ visits completed.  Remote families should review the protocols for learning from home so that all students will be successful.  

Thanksgiving Travel

Some time today families will receive guidance from the Archdiocese about holiday travel.  An all Arch decision has been made to pivot to remote learning from January 4 until January 19 so that families can travel over the holidays and then quarantine during those two weeks in January.  As explained, these will be attendance days not an extension of the holidays.  All students will be expected to be in class and doing their work.  

The Archdiocese does NOT address travel at Thanksgiving.  If your family travels to a “hot spot” state as determined by the Cook County Department of Public Health, you are asked to quarantine for 14 days upon your return.  Remote learning is an option during that time. https://cookcountypublichealth.org/communicable-diseases/covid-19/covid-19-travel-guidance/

On-line Reviews

In our current times, many parents are looking online for schools that would best meet the needs of their children.  Your positive reviews are extremely important in showing what a wonderful school we have.  Please consider adding your review to the following websites:


From an email I received today…”I’m not sure if you’ve heard the good news but Infant Jesus of Prague School earned an A from Niche for 2021!  Only {10% of schools across the U.S. receive an A or higher, so this is a huge accomplishment for you and your team!” 


Private School Review


Great Schools



The Eighth Grade Leadership Team will be collecting new pairs of socks from October 26-30.

Socks will be donated to the IJP St. Vincent DePaul Society.  The most socks donated by a class will have the following prizes: Dress down day and movie with a snack provided by the school.  Winners would be decided by the amount of pairs of socks donated divided by the number of children in the classroom.  Collect as many socks as you can!  Please note that service projects and most fundraisers are optional. You should not feel obligated to participate in them. Perhaps picking and choosing what’s most important for your family is best. Know that we appreciate your support as you can.

Self Care Corner (from Archdiocese update to principals)

This Inc. article highlighting the work of Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale University who teaches Psych 157: Psychology and the Good Life provides information on the science of happiness.  According to Santos, “the data suggests that the right way to treat ourselves would be to do nice things for other people. We actually get more out of being more open and more social and more other-oriented than spending money on ourselves. It’s a bigger increase to your happiness.”

As people of faith, we profoundly understand that it is God’s will that we find loving relationships, a healthy community, unselfishness, a sense of wonder and awe, and gratitude. Happiness being found in doing good to others is what I think King Solomon meant in Ecclesiastes 3:12 when he said, I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. Doing good and being kind toward others are certainly key components of being happy that is evident in science and within our bible.

That’s a lot of important information for now.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Our Halloween Drive By Parade will be Thursday, October 29 from 4:30-5:30pm.  Our Halloween parties will be Friday, October 30.  Remote students should look for guidance from the homeroom teachers or classroom coordinators on picking up goodies for the Halloween parties.  Thanks to PTO and those other fabulous folks are helping make Halloween as fun and “normal” as it can be.  

Have a super weekend!  Hopefully it won’t rain all weekend! I’m looking forward to some Big Ten football!  Go Boilers!

Let your light shine!

Mrs. Kelly