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September 20, 2019

What a wonderful month this has been!  We have gotten off to a great start and hope that the spirit of the IJP family can continue throughout this year.  Here are a couple of tidbits:

GRATITUDE: Thank you to our Leadership Team and all of you families who donated items for our Be an Angel: Baby Drive!  You can see from the pictures posted on ClassDojo that you were all so generous. The family picked up the items today and was overwhelmed by your kindness.  The money donated for the dress down day today will be used to purchase gift cards for the family as well. Again, thank you.

Students who made a donation have an angel posted in the hallway.  Several lucky students will receive a free Panera kids’ meal on Monday at our Marvelous Monday celebration if their angel is drawn from the group.  

DETENTIONS:  In the event that a detention has been issued to a student, he/she will be staying after school in the Kingsmen Academy on an assigned Thursday.  The Kingsmen Academy is an opportunity for the student to work with a teacher about how to conduct oneself better. Students will be dismissed from Door A or to the Extended Day program.  

Please note that detentions for tardies to school will be served by students during recess.  A staff member will monitor them outside.  

PARKING LOT: According to our Handbook, students should be picked up in our parking lot after school.  Mr. Brush is supervising the lot until 3:15, so those who are picking up students don’t need to arrive right away at 3.  Usually by 3:05, the lot is much less crowded for ease of pickup. Since Flossmoor Road can be incredibly dangerous to cross, we are asking that if students must walk they should cross the street in downtown Flossmoor where there’s a four-way stop.  

PROGRESS REPORTS:  Shockingly, our first trimester is nearly half over.  Teachers will be sending progress reports home to parents of students who are earning a C- or less on Friday, Sept 27.  

Have a super weekend and remember to Breathe in Jesus!

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