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April 5, 2019

Dear Parents,

ASPIRE Testing – April 9-16

Test Taking Tips for your Child

Tip #1: Make attendance a priority, especially on days that you know standardized testing will be administered or there is a test in the classroom.

Tip #2: Make a note of test days on the calendar

Tip #3: Avoid pressuring your child and provide him with encouragement.

Tip #4: Confirm that your child will be receiving any pre-determined accommodations during tests. These accommodations are detailed in his IEP or 504 plan.

Tip #5: Adequate rest and sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. Many parents underestimate the importance of a rested mind and body.

Tip #6: Make sure your child has enough time to wake up fully before he has to go to school.

Tip #7: Provide a high-protein, healthy, low-sugar breakfast for your child.

Tip #8: Talk to your child about how the test went, what he did well and what he would have done differently.

Tip #9: Go over the test with your child when you receive the scores.

Tip #10: Watch for signs of stress and anxiety!!!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Murphy Fulford

Remember to keep clipping your Box Tops!!!

Save The Date: 
Friday, May 17th PTO will host an all school Field Days Event!!! We will be looking for volunteers to be a part of the committee and to help the day of. Information coming soon!!

Lent Reflection Night

Sr. Mary Jo, Campus Minister at Marian Catholic and famous pitcher, will be delivering an Evening of Reflection on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30 pm in Church.

Yearbook deadline to purchase books – April 15

If yearbook isn’t ordered by the deadline, you can order late but that will incur a shipping charge and
there is no guarantee the book will be delivered before the end of the school year. PLEASE ORDER NOW!

1: go to TreeRing website

2: Enter your school’s passcode:

3: Create an account

Beauty and the Beast

May 17, 18, 19, 2019

This week’s C.A.B weekly incentive winners are as follows:

Team 3 section 4 with 16 points — Stella Brush, Maura Hanley, Marley Melone, Phoebe Myers, Destiny Ndubuisi-Obi, Tinbit Dogisso, Ysabel Konecki, Nina Washington, Emma Goff, Eliza Aberrilla, Kya Kellogg, Kaya Sherrod, Anya Ledesma, Ella Zeman, Brianna Southall, Tommy Mick, Josh Davis, Madison Davis, Jalen Williams, Jadon Holliday, Christian Smith, Josiah McKinney, Kaleb Blumenberg, Julian Perdomo

Team 2 section 1 & Team 2 section 4 with 9 pts each — Genali Algenio, Makenzie Wormbly, Lilliana Draus, Casey Estock, Makalya Scales, Lulako Dogisso, David Barlow, Sam Assam, Sarah Lamb, Nadia Davis, Ekene Ezeigwe, Chelsea Desir, Kristen Crawford, Gabrielle Brooms, Chase Cooper, Nicholas Medvesky, William Rousseau, John Hudson, Ari Bradley, Curtis James, Daniel Zeman, Bryce Washington, Joshua Barnes, Kendall Young, Marty Muth, Jack Schott, Sterling Schingoethe, Jaya Reeves, Betana Haddon, Elias Johnson

Team 1 section 5 with 14 points — Xavier Elms, Kaile Sherrod, Diego Grajales, Samuel Johnson, Uyai-Obong Udoh, Kennedy Davis, Emma Estock, Kyren Johnson

Congratulations to all.

Leslie Newhuis & Charlotte Kelly

DARE Graduation
Thursday was DARE graduation for our fifth graders! DARE teaches kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence. We know our students learned the key points by the wonderful essays they wrote. Thank you Flossmoor Police Department!

Mrs. Waters – 3rd Grade Class
Role Playing


Consider donating for a great cause! IJP School Alumnus Allie DeFries is a lymphoma survivor and is running a campaign and fundraiser for LLS.
Click on the link for more information!